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Honorable Health Minister's Insightful visit to DDA for Strategic Talks and Brief

Published: June 6, 2024


Honorable Health Minister's Insightful visit to DDA for Strategic Talks and Brief

Kathmandu, 3rd June, 2024.

  Honorable Minister for Health and Population Pradeep Yadav and Honorable State Minister Haseena Khan visited the Department of Drug Administration (DDA) to interact with regulatory officials and receive a departmental briefing. Secretary Hari Prasad Mainali, additional Secretary Dr. Dipendra Raman Singh, and Chief of QSRD Dr. Madan Upadhyaya from the Ministry of Health and Population were also present at the event.

The program, hosted by the DDA, aimed to inform the dignitaries about the department's work spectrum, organizational structure, major achievements, and areas where it seeks support from the ministry and political level to achieve future milestones.

Secretary Hari Prasad Mainali highlighted the need to endorse the draft drug act as soon as possible and emphasized the need to strengthen the National Medicines Laboratory. He also urged the department to coordinate with the provincial and local government health authorities and increase the frequency of monitoring and inspection.

The Honorable Health and Population Minister, in his closing remarks, thanked the department for working relentlessly during the COVID period to ensure the availability of medicines. He admitted the DDA as the backbone of the ministry and emphasized that the department must work further to ensure the quality of the medical products.

Furthermore, the honorable minister highlighted the need for branch offices of the department in all seven provinces and assured the department not to worry further about financial management, human resource utilization, or the endorsement of the draft drug act. The minister encouraged all the staff to work with honesty and high morale.

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